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Krumlovské podzimní recitály
Synagoga Český Krumlov

Czech pianist, composer, arranger and producer, graduated in composition from the Janaček Conservatory in Ostrava in 1998 and mastered in composition, jazz composition and arrangement at the University of Massachusetts in 2004.
She and her husband, guitarist, producer and composer Patrik Hlavenka (Patrick Karpentski) set up and original project S’aight, releasing an album of the same name with double bassist Jaromír Honzák, drummer Daniel Šoltys and saxophonist Ratislav Fraš (2HP Production, 2004). In 2005 they joined forces to form S’aight & Vertigo Quintet, gaining them a win in the international competition organised by the Montreaux Jazz Festival. Between 2005-2006 she was a permanent member of the J. Honzák trio, releasing Fass of the Bass (Animal Music, 2011). She has led her own trio since 2006 with permanent members Ratislav Uhrík (dbs) and Martin Novák (dms).
2006 saw her enter into an extremely fruitful collaboration with Lenka Dusilová, both as a player and co-writer and arranger, sharing in the formation and development of two original musical projects, both awarded in the Czech national Anděl prizes: Eternal Seekers, whose sound was distinctively influenced by the Czech clarinet quartet Clarinet Factory (Respect 2008, re-issued on Animal Music 2012), and Baromantika on which, together with the Tin Soldiers duo she also worked as a on production (released on 100promotion 2011).
In 2009 she independently engaged trumpeter Ingrid Jensen, saxophonist Rich Perry, and Pedal steel guitarist Dave Easely among others, with whom she recorded her first original album Joy for Joel (Animal Music, 2009), which was nominated for an Anděl award in the jazz and blues category in 2010.
In 2011 together with Lenka Dusilová and Michal Rataj she composed and recorded music for Robert Sedláčke’s film Rodina je základ státu [the family is the base of the state]. One year later she and Petr Ostrouchov co-wrote for Iva Bittová’s album Zvon (Animal Music 2012), where their arrangements for the songs were played by a large symphony orchestra.
She released her second independent album Theodoros with the same record company in 2013, this time as composer and performer of twelve compositions for piano. Hlavenková’s album Theodoros has won The Best Jazz and Blues Album of The Year category (Czech Music Awards 2013).
Beata is widely recognised as one of the most sought-after and genre free musicians . She has been asked to work with artists like Věra Martinová (two albums, tour in 2006), Yvonne Sanchez, Vertigo Quintet, Toxique, Triny, Ondřej Konrád, David Dorůžka, Justin Lavash, Katka Šarkozi, Ondřej Ruml amongst others.
Beata also lectures and teaches in music at the New York University in Prague (2005-present), VOŠ Jaroslav Ježek Jazz Conservatory in Prague and notably in JAMU in Brno, for whom she and Patrick Hlavenkova drew up a curriculum, and set up the first higher degree course of jazz music in the Czech Republic (2009 to present)

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