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Krumlovské podzimní recitály
Synagoga Český Krumlov

Krumlov Autumn Recitals, III. – World famous artists will visit Český Krumlov this autumn

Organizers of the music festival Krumlov autumn recitals, now in its third year, prepared a varied program for November Saturdays. You will be able to witness performances by unique, world-class artists. Concerts will take place in the exceptional environment of Renaissance hall of Vlašský dvůr and the newly renovated Krumlov synagogue. This year will bring not only the leading opera singers (Š. Margita), piano (I.Kondratěnko and Martin and Kristina Kasík), but there will also be a guitar concert (Š. Rak) and jazz (Czech-Polish trio - Š. Balcarová, M.Mucha and V. Křišťan). The uniqueness of the festival lies precisely in the exceptional environment of these venues where listeners and performers are in close artistic and intellectual proximity.

The series of concerts taking place in Vlašský dvůr start November 2nd at 6 p.m. Piano virtuoso and an excellent teacher Irina Kondratěnko will perfrom her solo concert and will take this opportunity to release her new solo album ‚Journey‘. You will enjoy the music from J. S. Bach and C.Franck that are interpretations of intellectual searching and thinking, overcoming and humility, falls and all that is essential to our inner soul, what elevates us above the everyday life and embodies the creativity and the acquired wisdom ...

Professor of the Prague Academy of Performing Arts, the world guitar virtuoso Štěpán Rak will perform his recital on 9th November at 6 p.m. His five-finger technique that is taught worldwide, has become a true legend.

You can enjoy the festival premiere of Czech-Polish jazz trio on 16th November. Artists which were awarded the Angel Award in Jazz and Blues category for their second album Light Year, Štěpánka Balcarová on trumpet, Max Mucha on double bass and Vít Křišťan on piano, will perform their own composition pieces, as well as arrangements of songs from the award-winning jazz album of the year and other well-known jazz standards and songs.

Regular festival-goers already know that every year the organizers give the opportunity to young talented artists. This year is no exception. The concert, which will take place on 23rd November will introduce the winners of this years competition ‚Young Play on Steinway‘. These young artists will enjoy a rare opportunity to play ever rarer instrument, which is in Vlašský dvůr music hall. Their performance will be followed by a concert of pianist duo Martin and Kristina Kasíkovi. You will hear music for four hands by French artists inspired by Spain (M. Ravel, G. Fauré), and famous waltzes by Brahms.

The organizers would like to invite you with great enthusiasm to the final concert of the festival on 30 November, from 6 p.m. to Krumlov Synagogue, to listen to the artist who needs no introduction. The famous tenor Štefan Margita has accepted the invitation to perform in Český Krumlov for the first time. You will surely enjoy the unique concert experience in which you will hear songs and arias from P. I. Čajkovskij, G. Donizetti, F. Cilley, A. Dvořák and others. He will be accompanied on the piano by Professor Irina Kondratěnko, who will also present her solo peices.

The organizers of the Krumlov recitals sincerely believe that this year's program will bring remarkable inspiration to each listener this autumn.

For detailed information about the festival, visit the www.krumlovskerecitaly.cz, booking tickets for www.ckrumlov.cz, tickets - Infocenter, town square. Admission to the concerts in Vlašský dvůr is 250, -/150, - CZK, the final concert of Š. Margita and I. Kondratěnko 500, -/350, - CZK.

Authors: Prof. Irina Kondratěnko, Eva Pardoe, PR

Eva Pardoe, PR
Tel. + (420) 731 237 113
E-mail: evapardoe@gmail.com

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